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a cheap brand of garcia y vega cigars which cost about $3.69 for a pack of 4. like dutch masters, games have a leaf layer which is wrapped around the cigar paper. games come in honey, vanilla, and green. peach and sweet are harder to find flavors. games are commonly used for rolling blunts. the leaf layer is carefully removed and cared for while the cigar paper is gutted and the shitty tobacco removed. once the cigar paper is rolled, the leaf layer is then re-added. the result is a slow burning blunt. games shit on royal blunt wraps because they burn much slower and much more nug can be fit in them.
"yo pull into this gas station i gotta pick up a pack of games"
"hurry up with that game i wanna blaze a blunt back here"
by jmoeges09 December 07, 2007
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