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a famous black/kenyan athlete. gelmos was born in the amazon rainforest where he was brough up by the wolf tribe. he was 7 foot 2 an more ripped then mr T. he survived by hunting his own food an eating the herbs that he found. some herbs were similar to the ones we smoke today.
one day people found him an took him to kenya. this was his new home. one day gelmos tried to run an nobody could catch him. eventually they got in the car an caught him. after seeing this gelmos was put into the kenyan olympic team under a different name. he won many gold medals an broke many records. he is the black god. i look up to him. he gets me through each day.. GELMOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! !!!!!
omg watch out!! its gelmossss!!!
by jmo gelmos January 25, 2008

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