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1 definition by jmcleod

to proclaim a moment, situation, or happening happily shocking; something that is 'dang-worthy' that is also capable of being danged. if something is shocking, in a positive way, it is dangable.
kyle goes to the concierge of his hotel in argentina and asks a question about a local sightseeing spot, and out of random chance and generosity, just to be kind, the hotel gives mr kyle a welcome gift basket for him and his mates with little gifts inside. kyle returns to the room, and he and his friend jarod, in happy awe, look at each other and the basket and shout out Dangable!


Aubree is just given the day off work upon her arrival early on a monday morning... happy, and surprised, she turns to her boss and says, 'really!? DANGABLE!'
by jmcleod December 17, 2010