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an unnattractive slut who is commonly mistaken as being gorgeous and talented. inherited shitloads of money from her father and hasnt done an honest days worth of work in her life. has a clothing line for sluts like her, and is noted mostly for her sex tape in which she screwed some random guy, stopping only to answer her phone. inarticulate,unintelligent, poorly spoken and scantilly clad, basically white trailer trash plus billions of dollars. only other dumb sluts who are as brainless as she is idolize her, claiming that she is accomplished and talented as she wrote a moronic book and has a clothing line for dogs. is seen as "hot" only because she dresses like a prostitute and is easy. anyone who "disses" her is instantly labeled as being fat and ugly, and jealous.
see cumdumpster.
paris hilton is ugly, stupid, and untalented, never done a days work in her life and never will, embodies everything that is wrong with america.
by jls83 January 04, 2006
dont know if shes really a slut, but she really doesnt have much talent. a "role model" followed by mostly ten year olds who paint their faces with cheap glittery make up and wear "sex bracelets" in the hope theyll be seen as "cool" or "punks." fake bottle blonde, not really as hot as all the horny guys who are so happy shes legal now think. nothing special, made popular by the ever craptacular disney channel. just another fake untalented girl probably on the way to slutdom, thus ushering her followers ever closer to becoming whores.
meh, i dont know if hilary duff is what youd call a slut, but shes really nothin special.
by jls83 January 10, 2006
read his book you fucktards. he didnt have ribs removed to suck his own cock, he doesnt bite the heads off of animals...although he does do some strange things at his shows, those are not included...that crap was made up in fake affidavits so ignorant morons like you would believe them. technically "marilyn manson" is a band, but everyone refers to manson singularly. an extremely intelligent individual, and yes, a satanist, but you idiots dont understand what satanism is. its not devilworship and sacrificing animals in a circle drawn with blood. surprisingly enough, manson is also quite the pretty boy without the makeup. a lyrical genius, except to the members of the christian society who are content to blindly follow their faith without ever questioning how much sense it really makes. commonly termed a "shock rocker." and as far as i know he doesnt have sex with animals either.
brian warner, aka marilyn manson, is an extremely intelligent individual regardless of what you may think of his appearance or music.
by jls83 January 16, 2006
biggest (or should i say smallest) piece of shit. a crappy little hatchback car that has about 50 horsepower, and is known to break down frequently. normally comes complete with a 3 cylinder 1.0 L engine, which one could smoke riding on a lawnmower. normally teenagers who cannot afford anything slightly better or poor white trash are seen driving these. any approaching geo metro can be heard by the loud "putt putt putt" sounds they tend to emit.
yo, me and my crackaz were racin in our pimpin geo metros and ford festivas. the guy mowing his lawn on his john deere fuckin smoked us.
by jls83 August 09, 2004

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