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is a small town in montgomery county, maryland where the population is basically 300. there is a number of mcmansions. there are mostly white people who live there and some asians, blacks, indians, but there are no latinos. the median income is about $85,000. there are only 3 public schools. Laytonsville Elementary School, which is like 5-10 minutes from everyone's house, Gaithersburg Middle School, where all the rich kids come from Laytonsville which is like 20 minutes away, and Gaithersburg High School which is a fucking 30-45 minutes away. laytonsville is basically where you will find all the rich kids.
poor kid: where do you live?
rich kid: oh i live in laytonsville
poor kid: you live in a house?! damn you must be rich
by jlc93 September 16, 2008

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