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When a person, either alone or with a group see's almost exclusively overweight or fat people.

(Jimmy and his brother are at the mall.)

Brother: Dude there are no hot chicks here. They're all huge!

Jimmy: I told you we'd be whale watching.
by jlawthelarson February 10, 2011
When you go into a men's restroom and look at the urinals, there's always the child sized one that you will inevitably be stuck with.

The Tonka Toilet's name is derived from the ever popular Tonka Toys that children play with.
In the movie "Billy Madison" Adam Sandler goes to elementary school. He was stuck with a restroom full of Tonka toilets.
by jlawthelarson October 01, 2009
The result of a penis forcing air into the vagina during sex. This causes air to rush out quickly from the vagina making a flatulent noise much like that of the "queef". The action of the air exiting swiftly brings about the "swift".
That swift caused me to go soft with a swiftness.
by jlawthelarson December 26, 2008

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