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the only state people are damn proud to be from
"you don't know bout' the way we talk
boys say we got country words
but i don't really care what you heard
cuz you don't know bout' the dirty 3rd

they don't know what that scar bout
they don't know what that bar bout
they don't know what that candy car bout
or smokin that joint about
texas is the home of the playas and pimps
showin naked ass in the great state of texas
3rd coast born i mean we're texas raised

- mike jones
by jklolz May 25, 2005
Getting belligerently drunk. And crying in the middle of the bar.
Person 1: you see that girl over there.
Person 2: yeah she's pulling a fed!
by Jklolz December 22, 2014
showin' off your new clothes/kicks/anything new
"yo, dude, i'm going to the mall to ramp up the jawn later on. you wanna come with me?"
by jklolz May 25, 2005

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