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3 definitions by jkeentauna

A workout that consists of changing ones socks up to 30 times per day to stretch out hamstrings and probably strengthen abs.
Girl: wow. your legs look amazing! do you work out?
Boy: I socksersise.

landlord: what is the ruckus up there?!
resident: i am socksersising!
landlord: i'm calling the police!
by Jkeentauna March 24, 2009
1: often mistaken as 'j-spot' spelled incorrectly
2: abbreviation for 'jackpot'
girl: yes! i got it!
guy: jpot!
guy:....that's short for jackpot
by Jkeentauna February 15, 2009
when someone sits on their phone and their bum calls you.
aw man. jeff's ass called me again. i must be his booty call.
by jkeentauna September 19, 2008