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A city in Southern California where you can walk the streets safely but are still be able to score a bag of dope in 15 minutes. The neighborhoods are really nice and the houses are even better. It's multicultural and the people are really nice, but once you reach north of Rinaldi St. you run into the bitchest teens in the SFV. The teens that reside here are the most notorious individuals that are enrolled at Granada High and Alemany. The think they're "off the chain" because they do E and party when they're parents are on vacation but come to realize, in college, that they are completely retarded and end up dropping out. South of Rinaldi St. the teens are wholesome independent people who resent the douches to the north.
Teen North of Rinaldi: "Hey insert girls name here, if you buy a channel purse and give insert guys name here a blow job, I'll invite you to do E at my house with all the cool party people."

Teen South of Rinaldi: "That's okay, I'm not really feeling like frying my brain cells or catching a venereal disease tonight. Thanks anyway."

Teen North of Rinaldi: "OMG! you totally give Granada Hills a bad name! Lates."
by jjustinn May 18, 2010

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