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2 definitions by jjt009

A measure of one's sexual encounters in a given time frame.
Frenchie: Dude, since you've grown out the long locks the ladies have been flocking.

Blitz: Yea bra, my PUSSY PRODUCTIVITY has really skyrocketed.
by JJT009 February 10, 2011
37 7
It is a rare occurrence when some emasculated male has such a tiny schlong that it gives the illusion that it goes into his body. The closest example to such a body part is an adolescent vagina.
A Real Male: Hey TJ, do you have a vagina or just a NEGATIVE PENIS?
TJ: No! It's just that my dick is so small (and does not satisfy anyone) that it hides in my body like a scared turtle with a small cock. Therefore people consider it NEGATIVE.
by jjt009 April 22, 2011
4 0