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A non-hippie scumbag who thinks they know everything. Being a hippie is generally about peace and love but they constantly grow angry and are fucking cocks about fat chick with back tits
Dude i was walkin down the street the other day in my new Abercrombie shirt when some hippie-crite runs over to me and starts bitchin about how im a conformist fuck and hes gonna kick my ass. So I pounded his hippiecritical ass into the ground
by jjsupah November 04, 2004
A common name for a porno, though a cement mixer is a special type of porno where body parts are arranged in incredible artistic arrangements....like when you get a flower arrangement and they make em all pretty.
Yea I'd have a cement mixer with those girls! IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN *wink wink*

I was watching this crazy cement mixer yesterday where this girl clamped this dude in a pretzel with her legs.
by JJSupah August 25, 2004
putting cheesecake in your ears
i have so much cheescake....dont make me reprimand you!
by JJSupah August 25, 2004
Track is hard to define because it is not a sport. It is essentially a sausage fest of guys runnin around in short shorts complimenting each others bodys. Certain track teams form track "cults" These cults are just fronts for the massive gay gang bangs they have year round.
Oh Mah Gawd....Track is soooo ghey.

Damn soccer is so gay, but not as gay as track or wrestling.
by JJSupah November 15, 2004
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