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When you notice an attractive young lady and tell your "Crew" to "LAY OFF"
Yo, did'ya see that girl?...I'ma Hit Dat
by jjmusicology May 20, 2008
When you go unnoticed "intentionally"
Yo, the cops are after me...I gots'ta keep a lopro; (2)ex.; "My girl thinks I'm cheatin' on her...I gots'ta keep a lopro.
by jjmusicology May 20, 2008
1) Taking pleasure in others misfortunes. Derived from the German word "Schadenfreude".

2) Catastrophic Joy.

3) To experience glee in catastrophic situations.
1) "I think I noticed some catelation in John's attitude at Gary's funeral."

2) "John had a catelacious reaction when I told him Gary's house went into foreclosure"
by jjmusicology December 31, 2009
Do you understand?;Catch my drift?;You dig me?;What'r you stupid?
Ma boo havin' a baby and it ain't mine, Noamsang?
by jjmusicology May 20, 2008
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