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J.J. redick is a great basketball player and everyone who post bad posts saying that j.j. is the worst shooter and Sucks in basketball.Well first of all he is a MUCH better basketball player than ALOT of u guys ever will. And u guys are just JEAULOUS!! not only is a good player he has a HOT body and a GREAT attitude..AND DOESN'T SMOKE POT!
J.J. is a much better player thatn ANY of u!!!!
by jjlover4 March 13, 2005
jj redick is one of the HOTTEST players in the WORLD!!!not only is he hot he is a GREAT player and rolemodel!!!
J.J. is my hero, rolemodel and idol.
by jjlover4 March 15, 2005
a horribe,unsuccessful player that will NEVER make it to the NBA.
UNC tarheels SUCK!!!!
by jjlover4 March 15, 2005

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