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plural of 'Nerd'. You and I envy his intellecual skills and laugh at his stupidness in everyday life (like pants lifted up high and using 10 year-old brands) but he or she has about 5 times the chance to be more successful in life, and you'd consider yourself lucky that you aren't being hunted down by his hitmen now.
the movie 'Valentines' shows a nerd taking back revenge on the guys and girls who bullied him, using his wealth from his cpmany to support his actions
by jjk May 03, 2004
An amazing, hilarious, gorgeous girl who was bestowed with this beautiful name in order to praise her perfection. Jomanna is talented in many ways, including being a blonde and having moments of utter stupidity which have come to be known as "pulling a Jomanna".
Bjorn: OMG did you see what Jomanna just did?
Trev: Yeah, she just pulled a Jomanna.
by JJk December 10, 2012
A sexy mythical beast that attracts everything in the world with awesome guitar and battling skillz, with a "z". The almighty ray the third of the massey clan.
"I saw a Kilyn on the shores of lake erie."
by JJK February 11, 2005
A smart, highly intellect but disavantaged in Athletics and social activities due to too much time spending in libraries and less time playing sports and/or talking to other people.
They however, are smart or uncool (depends on how you see it) enough to not be motivated by fashion, which IMHO is just a waste of money.
why buy a quicksilver wallet for 10$ when you can buy 1 with the same quality for 5?
by jjk May 03, 2004
A word Barb made up.
Hey that is very niceness.
by jjk November 24, 2003
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