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The most overrated and underrated rapper (along with Nas) of all time. His PURE CLASSIC "Reasonable Doubt" is offset by pure garbage such as the "In My Lifetime" series. Anyone claiming he's the best alive or even top 5 alive is an idiot, as well as anyone claiming he's not top 20 all-time. Jay-Z's style is a mixture of 70% Big Daddy Kane and 30% Kool G. Rap, and his street hustler tales exhibit Jay at his finest although the overdone bragging about jewels and cars show Jay-Z at his worst. Even "RD" was never as good as "Illmatic", so Jay-Z developed a sort of sibling rivalry with fellow NYC rapper Nas, which led to the Jiggaman's eventual defeat by the diss song "Ether". However, Jay-Z will always be a great rapper, although he someone who dropped 4 piece of shit albums (Best of Both Worlds and Vols. 1, 2, 3) and some decent albums (Blueprint 2, The Black Album, Unplugged) a great album (The Blueprint) and one classic will never be in the top 5.
Best Albums (best to worst)
1. Reasonable Doubt
2. The Blueprint
3. Unplugged
4. The Black Album
5. Blueprint 2
Tied at 6 for being terrible
6. In My Lifetime, Vol. 1
6. ...Vol. 2, Hard Knock Life
6. ...Vol. 3, The Life & Times of S. Carter
6. Best of Both Worlds (with R. Kelly)
by jj evans November 07, 2004

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