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A girl who always gets with guys at parties when drunk and pretends to feel upset and/or guilty about it the next day. They are often decidedly unpromiscuous when sober.
Beth was feeling unhappy,

"What's the matter?" asked her friend Flo.

"I got with Greg last night, you know? The one that looks like a shaved ape and smells like a dead donkey in a swamp? I don't know what came over me..." she replied
Flo knew... "Partywhore..." she whispered under her breath
by jizzmong hunter August 21, 2009
From the English nouns "eunuch" and "cycle", a eunuchcycle is a bicycle or other form of saddled transportation (exact nomenclature dependant on method of transportation in question), which, upon continuous usage leaved the testicles of the male rider severely bruised or eroded completely. This may also apply to less prolonged exposure to a thoroughly unsuitable saddle, perhaps one made of sandpaper or some other high-friction material.
"I've just been for a 40 mile bike ride and I feel GREAT!"
"Wow, that's fantastic, man! Bet your balls hurt, though"
"Oh dude, they are killing me, I think I might have punctured one!"
"You need a new bike, that one you have at the minute is a total eunuchcycle"
by jizzmong hunter July 26, 2009
An asshole. Brown like the chocolate from a Kit Kat, therefore named after said confectionary snack. Dependant on your location, common variants include: the Mars Bar Throughway, Bounty Bridge or Hershey's Highway.
"That girl has a rich aroma coming from her Kit Kat Junction"
"That's cos she doesn't believe in toilet paper"
by jizzmong hunter August 21, 2009
Someone who cannot jizz
"Dude, that guy's a total jizzmong"
by jizzmong hunter July 15, 2009
If you are a little pudgy, your gut may sag down when doing push ups or copulating. This can be particularly unattractive as during vigorous sex, it may swing from side to side, back and forth, much like a metronome. In extreme cases, the folds of fat, or female breasts, may slap together making a sound not dissimilar to the sound of a sealion performing for food at shows at many zoos. This noise is known as flap or tat slapping.
"Dude, I was fucking Cindy in the ass"
"Awesome dude! How was it?"
"Great, but her undercarriage was swinging around, almost knocked me off balance"
"Eww. Sick dude"
by jizzmong hunter August 21, 2009

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