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the sequal to clerks, the latest in a long line of of great kevin smith movies (which include clerks, jersey girl, chasing amy, jay and silent bob strike back...i think im forgetting one but oh well)

but it is another classic that you all have to like right now
clerks and clerks 2 are the best of kevin smiths great works
by jizzle dizzle July 23, 2006
a cat or kitten that looks like adolf hitler
Joey: Hey like my new cat
Mark: Whoa cool thats a kitler
Joey: ?
Mark: See the marking under its nose and on top of its head that makes it resemble Hitler if he was cute, fuzy, and wheighed 3 pounds
by jizzle dizzle July 20, 2006
The illest rap group to come out of the M-Town, Now consisting of DJ Paul, and Juicy J...former members include Lord Infamous a.k.a Scarecrow, Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, Gangsta Boo, and a few other pussies...all who left for various reason ranging from being a bitch, to money, to finding God, to trying out a solo career. The group has been accused of being Satanists which is false, they also run their own label, Hypnotize Minds, current and former members include, Frayser Boy, Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, Lil' Wyte, Chrome, DJ Black, La Chat, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Blac, Lil' Fly, Boogiemane, T-Rock, K-Rock, Indo G, and number of close friends of Juciy, and DJ Paul, such as D-Magic, and Nigga Creep(who was gunned down in 2000)...they have also done a number of side projects/super groups such as Tear da Club Up Thugs, HCP, Prophet Posse etc...

heres a qucik discog...C&P'd from Wikipedia's Hypnotize Minds Page, not including any Trip 6 albums, which I'll cover later

* Carmike - Comin At Yo Azz (1994)
* Chrome - Straight To The Pros (2005)
* Chrome - Straight To The Pros: Dragged & Chopped (2005)
* Chrome - Project Landlord (2008)
* Crunchy Black - On My Own (2006)
* Crunchy Black - From Me To You (2007)
* Frayser Boy - Gone On That Bay (2003)
* Frayser Boy - Gone on That Bay (Chopped and Screwed) (2003)
* Frayser Boy - Me Being Me (2005)
* Gangsta Blac - Breakin Da Law (1994)
* Gangsta Blac - Can It Be (1996)
* Gangsta Boo - Enquiring Minds (1998)
* Gangsta Boo - Both Worlds *69 (2001)
* Gimisum Family - Tha Other Side Of Da Family (1994)
* Indo G - Angel Dust (1998)
* The Kaze - Kamakazie Timez Up (1998)
* Kingpin Skinny Pimp - King Of Da Playaz Ball (1996)
* Koopsta Knicca : Da Devil’s Playground: Underground Solo (1999)
* La Chat - Murder She Spoke (2001)
* Lil' Fly - Out Da Darkness Of Da Kut (1994)
* Lil Gin - Junts We Choke (1994)
* Lil Gin - Shake Junt (1995)
* Lil Glock & S.O.G. - Blow A Niggaz Ass Off (1994)
* Lil Jule - Ashes 2 Ashes (1994)
* Lil Wyte - Doubt Me Now (2003)
* Lil Wyte - Doubt Me Now: Dragged and Chopped (Chopped and Screwed)(2003)
* Lil Wyte - Phinally Phamous (2004)
* Lil Wyte - Phinally Phamous: Chopped and Screwed (2005)
* Lil Wyte - The One and Only (2007)
* Lord Infamous - Lord Of Terror ((1994))
* MC Mack - Pimpin As A Mack (1995)
* Project Pat - Solo Tape (1994)
* Project Pat - Ghetty Green (1999)(Gold)
* Project Pat - Murderers & Robbers (2000)
* Project Pat - Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin' (2001)
* Project Pat - Layin' da Smack Down (2002)
* Project Pat - Mixtape: The Appeal (2003)
* Project Pat - Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story (2006)
* Project Pat - Walkin Bank Roll (2007)
* T-Rock - Rock Solid/4:20 (2003)
* Z-Dog & A.K. - Underground Tape
* Gimisum Family - Da Hoodaway
* Gimisum Family - Da Hoodaway pt 2 - Da Otha Side Of The Family

back on the subject of Three 6 Mafia, who were originally know as the Backyard Posse in 1991, they then change to Triple 6 Mafia, and finally to Three 6 Mafia

heres the discog:

* 1994: Smoked Out, Loced Out
* 1995: Mystic Stylez
* 1996: Chapter 1: The End
* 1997: Chapter 2: World Domination
* 2000: When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1
* 2001: Choices: The Album
* 2003: Da Unbreakables
* 2005: Choices II: The Setup (DVD & CD)
* 2005: Most Known Unknown
* 2008: Last 2 Walk

that list doesn't include the Underground Mixtapes

in the early days they leaned more towards a Horrorcore sound, now today it's more mainstream

...and I'm getting tired
Dumb kid: Sip sip sippin' on some syzzurp
Smart kid: Do even know who sings that
Dumb kid: Yeah, Juicy J, it's on Most Known Unknown
Smart kid: YOU DUMB!!! It's Three 6 Mafia, UGK, and Project Pat, and it was on When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1
Dumb kid: Slob on my Knob...
Smart kid: *walks away before he catches a homicide case*
by jizzle dizzle February 15, 2008
the death metal band from outter space....they some crazy ass motha fucka
Gwar would eat metalica if they got in a fight
by jizzle dizzle October 30, 2005
slang for LSD, an extremly powerful drug, that makes you see some crazy shit...depending on the enviorment a good trip could be the best thing ever or a bad trip could put you in the booby hatch
Well I been trippin' for 10 hours on 3 hits of liquid microdot (I'm on acid - acid)
Gettin' chased around the car by some midgets in the parking lot (I'm on acid - acid)
Feedin' doritos to a tree, a million spiders after me (I'm on acid - acid)
I'm runnin' around havin' a fit, on myself I'm about ta shit (I'm on acid - acid)
by jizzle dizzle November 05, 2006
an STD simialr to crabs but under/inside your skin instead of out side
zeke: dude i have scabbies, help me
by jizzle dizzle July 25, 2006
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