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Suprise Poo. When all of a sudden you need to take a poo without realising it. This may happen after eating, when trying to fart or any other time.
OHHH man I tried to fart and did a suprise poo. This McDonalds chips may give me a suprise poo, therefore i won't eat them.
by jizzhead April 11, 2009
Gooching. The act of grabbing/rubbing two fingers on someones gooch area. can be done either sexually or as a means of punishment or beating up. Mythically it is possible to gooch someone until they jizz.
Lets gooch that new year 8 kid, hes a pinhead. Gooch him good he didn't pay his money.Ohh baby gooch me till i jizz. HElP hes gooching me!!
by jizzhead April 11, 2009
Brandon Turn. The inability to complete a turn in 3 points or less. If person/subject changes from reverse to first whilst turning more than 3 times this equals a brandon turn.
Shit mate can't you complete a normal turn, thats a brandon. HEY!! no Brandon Turn your wearing out my gear box.
by jizzhead April 11, 2009
SAme word as gay, used as a genral insult about anything or anyone.
Woah, that ryan keed is a gimp. Dam keed your a gimp. That smells like a bunch of gimp. This shit is gimp.
by jizzhead April 11, 2009

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