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(noun) a receptacle into which jiz is deposited, most commonly a woman's vagina. synonymous with cum dumpster.
man: "Come here, jiz can. I'm horny."
woman: "I'll be right there!"

(180 seconds later)

woman: "Wow, my jiz can is overflowing!"
by jiz can March 02, 2011
(noun) the ooze of jiz that emerges from a vagina around 11am the morning after it was deposited there.
Aww, man! I need to go change my underwear. I just had a jiz waterfall.
by jiz can March 02, 2011
(noun) a piece of cloth used to wipe up jiz. jiz towel = jizowel
Hey, could you pass me a jizowel please? I'm leaking your jiz all over the place.
by jiz can March 02, 2011
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