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A male who puts on a facade that he is a lot more connected to the streets (drugs, gambling, prostiution, hits, etc. ) than he really is. These individuals usually have an extremely small connection to the street, but give the impression that they are John fucking Gotti himself.
John: Hey Mike said his second cousin's, wife's boss will take our bets for the upcoming football season. Mike's the man!

Sammy: His second cousin's, wife's boss??? That mother fucker is a nothin but a Bubble Gum Gangster!
by jinxychill August 30, 2010
The situation an individual finds themself in as the result of something posted on facebook. Results can be so extreme that said individual would often rather be dead than deal with the consequences.
Mike: The idiot Jim posted a pic of me half naked bonging a beer at his party last Saturday.

Mike's Friend : Whats the big deal?

Mike: I'm a junior executive at a Fortune 500 company!...I'm facebook fucked.
by jinxychill August 30, 2010

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