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The best basketball player in the universe. He lights up it all night long on the court. He's better than Jordan, he's Flash. D-wizzle, buy his new shoes, the Converse Icon Warrior!
Dwyane Wade absolutely dominated Kobe Bryant, the rapist.
by Jingles January 04, 2005
Adjective. To describe the behaviour of someone not taking part in the spirit of a LAN party.

Background: Word coined by Nexus7 in March 2005 at a LAN party.
Robo and Nexus were being lantisocial by playing Trackmania while the rest of the LAN were playing battlefield vietnam
by Jingles March 19, 2005
Stamina relating to the energy used at a LAN party.
Rob didn't want to play any more games because he had run out of lanima.
by Jingles December 18, 2005
To spaff (or rain devastation down) on an area. Originates from the PC Game 'Battlefield 1942' where artilliary can lay down massive amounts of devastation on an area.
The Artilliary was laying spaffage down on the axis spawn point.
by Jingles July 17, 2004
'Close to Home' simply means the act of committing something less than savoury with your girls best friend.
Dumbass A; Dude i just totally boned Finola's best friend!

Dumbass B; Man! That was a bit close to home wasn't it?

Dumbass A; Yea, but as long as i be hitting that sweet ass - it's all gravy.
by Jingles July 23, 2004

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