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idiots wearing slippers in public places. Obviously promoting an 'I'm too lazy and too cool to wear real shoes, you should worship my every step' cause.
In the wild you can spot them by their oncoming 'swishing' sound as they also shuffle because walking is such a drag. Indigenous to malls, fast food establishments, and coffee houses.
Jeff: Look out honey! A herd of slipper pimps are coming! Quick let's duck into the food court!
Maureen: Don't worry, they're shuffling, we have an hour before they get to us.
by jingerotomy April 02, 2008
A completely unreliable and useless individual.
Eric was supposed to be here an hour ago to help us move!

Yeah, well I don't know why you're surprised, he's as reliable as a mesh condom
by jingerotomy June 17, 2008
a disguised, jumbled racial slur...figure it out.
Old White Guy: What happened to Asbury Park?
Racial Friend at Bar with Old White Guy: Ah, it went downhill after the stuny pitgrows moved in
by jingerotomy March 28, 2008
an utterly ridiculous attempt at spelling 'peeps'. Users of this spelling need to repeat every grade they've attended thus far. Then be stripped of their computers pending investigation into their IQ.
Jeff: Hey I like this forum, but I want to reach through the monitor and strangle these idiots who say 'peops'
Maureen: Shut up and come to bed. Jingo's waiting.
by jingerotomy March 28, 2008

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