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an extremely overused word... and missused too... FUCK THIS WORD...
poser=poseur... but it used so much in a sense we are all "posers"
by jimmy sunshine November 20, 2005
kick ass japanese horror punk band... perfect halloween music...
person 1- I just saw balzac in concert.
idiot- haha you said balzac, you fag... duhhhrrrr i'm stupid. narf.
person 1- I meant the band you jackass.
idiot- don't talk to me fag... huhhhhrrrrrr huhhrrrrrr...
(person 1 eventually killed the idiot...)
by jimmy sunshine November 13, 2005
what people call an artist who is doing good for themselves when they should be happy for them.
WOW alot of people like greenday... I guess I should hate them so i can look different.
retard: greenday are sellouts.
Me: they are just doing good for themselves you idiot.
(me kills retarded kid) haha bitch.. oh woops he was special.
by jimmy sunshine September 15, 2005

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