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A vast majority of the world's population. People who were born to parents who only got married and had kids because it was what everyone else was doing. The parents of planned unwanted children had no clue how to be parents and had no money to properly give their kids opportunities in life but had kids for reasons like "all my friends are having kids" or "I feel kids will bring joy to my life" and "it's what people do, it's life".

As a planned unwanted child myself i beg of the entire world... don't have planned unwanted children. Get rich first, then have kids. It will help solve a lot of the world's problems.
If you were born poor and had to work your entire life at jobs you can't stand just so you can pay bills and scrape by, chances are you and your siblings were planned unwanted children.
by jimmy james jackaroosky October 11, 2014
A job or category of jobs where you make lots of money for doing absolutely nothing. Most people who work in sales think they work hard. They make people who actually do work hard (people in manual labor and some management positions) extremely pissed off. In sales you make some phone calls, send a few emails, occasionally close deals and make tons of money. Most of the time people who work in sales make their money by screwing people over and taking their hard earned money by making them think they need the product or service you're selling.
I fucking hate people who work in sales. They sit on their asses all day making phone calls and talking to people. They make a shit ton of money every year and then turn around and bitch about how tough their lives are
by jimmy james jackaroosky March 20, 2011
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