1 definition by jimmy cement shoes

Largest and nastiest city in Connecticut, its what Newark is to Jersey. You're a dumb motherfucker if you aint packing, especially after dark. Primarily known for its high frequency of muggings, violent crimes and easy accessability of drugs. House bombings and home invasions happen on a regular basis. Its inhabitants love to mug and kick the shit out of war vets fresh off the plane. Its main hoods are the east and west ends, with the very affluent sections in the north end including black rock. Everyone slings dope and its educational system is a fucking joke. Put simply this is the ghetto.
kids in class monday morning.
"Nigga i didnt sleep fo shit last nite, muthafukin meth lab next do blew da fuck up."
"Shit nigga dats bridgeport fo you. How i gonna get ma paypa now wit no niggaz to hook me up?"
by jimmy cement shoes August 28, 2008

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