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n. 1. what you spend in jail, a jail sentence
2. a very real thing based on the movement of matter in the universe. Units of time are measured in something defined axiomatically such as the speed of light and a defined length.
1. I'll have sex with a 16 year old even if I get time for it
2. It takes a certain amount of time for a photon to travel one foot, and under the same conditions it always takes that amount of time.
by jimmy ivory April 02, 2004
exc. exclamation of surprise

syn. shazalen, holy crap
oh damn I be a itchy mofo
by jimmy ivory March 31, 2004
abbr. America On Ludes
Fucking aol, I feel like I'm walking in fucking molasses and my head is caught in a vice. I can't do shit. I'm a putz for even considering this. Why did God handicap me this horrible way.
by jimmy ivory April 02, 2004
v. to suck daq. syn to give a blowjob
Damn that bitch can gobble some knob like nobody's business, she damn near sucked the skin off this mothafucker.
by jimmy ivory January 13, 2005
exc. meaningless exclamatory phrase similar to holy crap or oh damn
Shazalen that chick's got some big'uns!
by jimmy ivory March 31, 2004
n. The act of jizzing in a girl's mouth and having it subsequently come out of her nose by laughing or coughing.
I gave this girl the foaming pipes and she said her sinuses are all fucked up now.
by jimmy ivory March 26, 2004
n. syn jizz, also "flaz"
Oh baby I'm sorry about gettin that flazum all over your walls and shit.
by jimmy ivory March 26, 2004
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