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An extreme sport in its early stages, but still sweet fun. Mattressing involves finding a mattress with wheels on the underneath (quality may vary, but if you use the small wheels mattresses come with then they will beak which makes it all more interesting) and a steep hill with a road on it. Take the mattress up to the top of the hill and from a running start jump onto the mattress and roll down the hill. Normally crashing into the gutter is unavoidable. Avoiding crashing into cars on the street is desireable. This activity can be greatly improved by any of the normal stuff ie. A good mate, booze, comfy mattress, sex (not with good mate unless good mate is of opposite sex, but 2 girls would still be OK).

Pimpin' up your mattress is a good idea.
"ive got two mattresses with wheels and a case of beer"

"sweet dude, lets go mattressing"


"beer me"
by jimmiboy February 06, 2006
A word used to describe any little wanker that is pissing you off. Can alternatley be used in the place of a name of a person. Used to gain attenetion of poeple who you dont know their names.
damn kid wont stop talking
say "shut the hell up love child

you see someone you dont know
ask mate next to you "who the hell is that love child"

"Oi love child"
by jimmiboy January 27, 2006

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