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a gay, brownhatter, knobshiner, shirt-flap-lifter. the word comes from in the old days when navy captains used to put cabin boys over a barrel for awesome anal penetration
i could tell he was a barrel putter from the way he eyed me and my brother
by jimbob jr March 02, 2004
this a variation of felching, where after poking out someones eyes and skull fucking them you come in their eye socket and suck it out.
i just skelched this guy
by jimbob jr April 10, 2004
a vagina which is ready to be eaten
after eating her swollen grot i entered her
by jimbob jr March 02, 2004
a fat sleazy man. however it's is quite common to say "fat smut"
"this fat smut tried sell me a felching"
by jimbob jr March 02, 2004
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