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a dannyism for "bloody eye", when someone rams their cock into another persons eye socket.
person: doctor, doctor ive got bleye!
doctor: serves u right for allowing dossor to face fuck you.
by jimbo deeny August 01, 2004
see also tramp and paedo
oh look, theres dossor fuckinga 2 year olds ring in his cardboard box...
by jimbo deeny August 01, 2004
someone who discriminates against dossor cos he's poor
passer by: dossor! put a shirt on u tramp
dossor: i cant afford one!
passer by: hahaha, goon.
by jimbo deeny August 02, 2004
fucking neeeeeeeectar lager, despite wot all these tools say...
im a tool; i dont like fosters...
by jimbo deeny August 01, 2004
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