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Refers to a tribal tattoo which reaches from hip to hip just above a woman's buttocks. This tattoo socially signifies her as a slut b/c it is readily noticible when doing her from behind.
"Yo, did you see the slut tat on Wendy?? I wanna see more!!"
by jim_witness September 27, 2005
The rules, regulations, and unwritten policy for a corporation, the way it treats its employees, allowing them to dress a certain way or have certain events to their benefit.
This was changed to make people feel better about the restraints put on them at work.
It's not corporate policy, it's our corporate culture.
by jim_witness May 04, 2005
Nickname for a person who uses the restroom and doesn't wash their hands. They have put on the mits of excrement.
Manfred got back from the john and he's wearing piss mits again.
by jim_witness September 26, 2005
see also tanked it

The act of faking, avoiding and nullifying any kind of responsibility when working for a telemarketing firm. This can include faking contact names, records of phone calls, phone call outcomes, or generating illiegitimate leads. The purpose of which is to avenge yourself for them providing you with chicken farms to call, paying you $3/hour and making you feel like it's your fault for not succeeding no matter how hard you try.
"Yea, I made about 30 calls, and spent the afternoon tankin' it..."
"Toby tanked 3 leads today..."
by jim_witness September 27, 2005
The suffix added to a number to describe the estimated size of a woman's vagina. Depending upon the calculated size of the labia and so forth.
This term was originally coined in Westchester, New York.
Fred: "Did you see that new girl, Jess today??"
Alex: "Yea, it looks like she's got an 8-pounder."
by jim_witness September 27, 2005
The act of two women rubbing their vaginas together.
I was watching Carpetmunchers #14 and there were these two hot blondes engaging in tribaldism.
by jim_witness September 27, 2005
To be using the specific drug crank, see Crystal Meth.
He couldn't see straight cuz he was cranking.
by jim_witness September 26, 2005

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