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The state of ignorant bliss one lives in when they have a mullet and truly believe it is, or ever was, in style.
Toothless Sally must be living in some kind of mullet fantasia if she thinks that haircut looks good.
by Jim Sammartino August 08, 2008
1. Any female who is extremely bitchy.
2. A total cuntress.
3. A woman of unmatched anger or resentment, most often during menstruation.
My boss wouldn't let me have the day off because she's a total megacunt.
by Jim Sammartino May 22, 2008
Molecules of human feces, often accompanied by farticles. Sometimes inhaled in evaporated form when entering a recently used restroom, these microscopic remnants of shit can be found on almost any household or office surface, including door handles, faucets, refrigerators, pen caps and keyboards.
Guys, I can still smell Ron's doodicules in the bathroom after he blew ass.
by Jim Sammartino May 17, 2008
A politically correct, office appropriate abbreviation for Vaginasaurus Rex.
OMG, Joan is such a fucking V. Rex. She's on a cunty rampage today.
by Jim Sammartino May 23, 2008
1. A man's degree of brazenness, resiliance and testicular fortitude.
2. A measure of how ballsy someone is.
3. The ability to stomach that which is unwholesome.
He was able to negotiate the car salesman's price down even lower, thanks to his brutish testicularity.
by Jim Sammartino May 16, 2008
1. Putridness.
2. The degree of how putrid something is, typically in reference to that which is decomposing or rotting.
I gagged from the sheer putrosity of the bathroom after you took a huge dump in there.
by Jim Sammartino May 16, 2008
1. A ubiquitous nickname for any female who is truly revolting.
2. A woman lacking any beauty or charm.
3. The opposite of the classic and beautiful character Cinderella.
Check out Revolterella over there, with her missing teeth and split ends.
by Jim Sammartino May 16, 2008

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