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When you rejected by a hot girl and a few seconds later you get an erection thinking about the hot sex you would of had with her.
Guy: "Will you go out with me?"
Girl: "No."
Guy: "Awh Shucks...*rejection erection*
by jillyjank September 05, 2010
when someone has 3 or more tins of red bull, and they burp, they have red bull breath.
Guy 1: *burps*
Guy 2: Eww man, you've got Red Bull Breath!
by jillyjank September 05, 2010
(Noun) A person who is unpopular, but has a few trusted friends that they have known for a long time . Always hangs out with the same person every day at break and lunch. This term is used to describe an unpopular high schooler. Also ranks at the bottom of the popularity list.
Girl 1: Aww I feel really sorry for the girl who always eats lunch with the same person.
Girl 2: Oh you mean the social zero?
by jillyjank October 18, 2010

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