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1. Like cuddling and spooning, when you're physically close to someone, but usually with your clothing on, both lying side-by-side in the same shape (like an S shape) and speaking without words. Might follow sex, maybe not. A comforting act mostly. It makes you feel happy.

2. When two people are hugging, one usually to comfort the other, and one has their face buried in the others shoulder. Will hold on until they feel better.
1. Girl and guy snuggling. Guy has arm draped over girl's torso. Both are smiling, with eyes closed. They can both feel how much one loves the other <3

2. *girl crying* Mary, Josh broke up with me.
Mary: *hugs friend* Don't worry, Sara. You'll find someone who won't break your heart.
Sara: *hugging Mary close, crying on her shoulder* I hope so (whispers)

Sara lets go when she feels better
by jilligypuff April 25, 2008

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