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a vegetarian is one who, for various reasons, chooses that the eating of flesh is unnessasary for survival. recently, many people claim to be vegetarian, but still eat fish, and/or chicken, and/or turkey. this is not a vegetarian. vegetarian is often confused with vegan. veganism is when someone does not eat any animal, or animal products(i.e. eggs, milk, cheese, etc)
i have been a vegetarian since i was 16, and these are examples of conversations i have since i first became one:
-um..can i get the taco, but without meat and beans instead please?
--what, are you a vegetarian or something?
-why yes, yes i am...
--you arent going to like, start shouting PETA shit at me, or start crying when the next person gets something with meat in it are you?
-no, why would i do that?
--well, isnt that what you people do?
-excuse me 'you people'?
--yah, ya know, you vegetarian frea-i mean, people.
-no, that's what we'd like to call a stereotype. for example if i said that you say 'would you like fries with that' all day, simply because you happen to work at a fast-food restaurant, that would be a stereotype.
--dude, i think the lack of meat is making you bitchy...
example 2:
-do you eat peanuts?
--well, your sister said you're a vegetarian...so do you eat peanuts?
--you aren't really a vegetarian then, real vegetarians dont eat any protein.
-moron, we eat protein, it the eating of animals that i dont do. Peanuts happen to be legumes.
-do you eat tofu all the time?
--i'm not particularly fond of tofu actually
-then you really arent a vegetarian

example 3:(this one came from my uncle, a hunter)
-so you want steak for dinner tonight?
--anctually, i'm a vegetarian
-WHAT?! i bet you're in to all that hippie shit like poetry, and that queer art and all that wierd shit.
--do you mean expression of self? creativity? beauty? if you do, then yes
-my god, i never would've guessed my niece would become some wierdo...
--thanks jim...
-if you even THINK of dating some {n-word} i will shoot you and him both.
--thats real civil of you. thanks for supporting me.
(^note tone of sarcasm in statement immediately above this line)

MOM: huh..applebees doesnt have much in the way of meatless foods...
me: i'll find something, i always do.
MOM: you could get a salad, or i thnk they have soups here.
me: mum, i'll find something.
waitress: what can i get you today?
me: um, what is you're soup of the day?
waitress: um, today it is the chicken tortilla soup.
me:okayy..um, can i get a plain salad then, without any meat on it?
waitress: okay, sure, would you like tomatoes?
me: sure
waitress: cheese?
me: yah
waitress: bacon too right?
me: no, no meat
waitress: so chicken then?
me: no, nothing that was previously alive and breathing,
waitress: so you want shrimp?
me: no. i want a plain salad without any meat on it.no animals. none.
waitress: (very puzzled look on her face)okay, then, i'll see what i can do...

basically, if you ever become a vegetarian, DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT GO TO APPLEBEES! you will have a very hard time finding anything to eat, and when you do, it could take a while to order it.

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