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3 definitions by jilldo and aj

A straight ten. This girl is the perfect combination of sweet, cute, and sexy. She is amazing in the bed and will treat you like a king. She has a huge beautiful rack. She will make you hard instantly upon seeing her and the moment you get enough courage to talk to her, you will find out that she is insanely smart and amazingly witty. Yet, She is a girl you take home to meet mom. This is the girl of your dreams. She is rare but once you find her do not let her go! You will regret it for the rest of your life because no other girl sucks your balls and compliments your mother's blouse in the same day.
Dude, did you see that girl? She is a total Jilldo. I am already going to tell my mom to start planning the wedding.
by jilldo and aj August 29, 2013
A perfect bush.
That bitch is furrific.
by Jilldo and aj August 29, 2013
Fat girl's vagina
I bet that girl has a beaver roll.
by Jilldo and aj August 29, 2013