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3 definitions by jil

the smell of an all girls dorm
bigler hall smells like rank vag
by jil October 06, 2003

seriously: follows saying something smart

facetiously: figuring something out too late that was really obvious
A: how will we get there!
B: build a rocket! i'm sharp like a knife... ching!

A: i invented the internet!
B: what are you, al gore?
A: what? ohhh! hahaah, i'm sharp like a knife, ching!
by jil May 29, 2004
Short for super. Abbreviated the same way homes is for homie.

Awesome, neat, cool, great

NEVER used as an adjective in front of a noun:
WRONG: What a supes hat!

RIGHT: We're going to the movie tomorrow? Supes!
by jil April 18, 2004