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3 definitions by jihad_my_eye

a young Canadian native boy named Joel,who plays runescape and poons cause his runescape name is leather sock but also wants bender aka mike to join kill orgy with him
leather-sock:yo mike if I intro to kill orgy your going to join kk?
bender:no fuck you im gunna join with trsitan even if he is already in it<3
by jihad_my_eye January 13, 2009
1 7
matt aka that-siccnes. mehhh so buff rl
the cousin of demansoldier who pumps iron, smokes and fucking hacks kids on runescape which makes hims a chewbaca neck
by jihad_my_eye March 03, 2009
0 11
the next best thing to give you a 24/7 headache while on ventrillo
hey arlie stfu, your giving me a headace which will last for 24hours and 7days
by jihad_my_eye January 08, 2009
14 36