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The pain endured after a through 'passing' session on ones throne. Often caused by spicy food consumption or 'getting the runs'.

Is also a product of anal love making.

Can also be used as an insult, or a term for feeling overwhelmed in a work situation.
"Ouch, i've got such terrible hoop-sting today Daz!"

"God, we getting hooped today!"

"Emma, you're a hoop-sting!"
by Jiggly January 21, 2004
That's what you are.
"You're a fudge muffin potato."
by Jiggly February 27, 2005
The spring loaded arm of the AUX sight according to SSG Jacobs.
After you adjust the armitage of the sight, go ahead and adjust the brightness and contract.
by jiggly February 08, 2005
Is a Smelly Scouse who likes the ass!
Your Such a macca
by jiggly October 17, 2003

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