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The samrtest, coolest, sexiest man alive on the planets earth and mars.
i am looking elias today
by jiggawhut?! April 25, 2005
Really huge muscles. commonly used as for body builders and football players. also used for people who think they got big muscles but really don't.

A weapon/tool/source of entertainment. Used to kill people animals and targets. shoots Bullet(s)
1."Damn check these guns bitches."
2. "What u mean those piles of shit stuck to your arms?"

"i own a gun. FEAR ME!!!"
by jiggawhut?! October 12, 2005
a snack chip that is commonly eaten. The original flavor is still one of the best though being rivaled by cheez ums.
damn deez pringles is good!
by jiggawhut?! October 12, 2005
the act of retards who have sex over the internet.
we cybered last nite. allllll niight long. it kinda sucked in a sense
by jiggawhut?! April 25, 2005
A phrase used by a bully to sort out whose ass he will kick next. a simple way of filing in ones head.
ok i kicked george's ass now all i have on my asses to be kicked is joe and roger...
by jiggawhut?! October 12, 2005
another way to talk about the glass cleaner vin-del. aka windel.
the goddamn vin-del burned right through the glass. then i spilled some on my arm. it burned like hell. so i tried again.
by jiggawhut?! April 25, 2005
someone who is pissing you off beyond belief. most commonly used when speaking of idiodic presedential candtidate.
god you r being such a turd sandwich! GAWD

Pres. Bush is a stupid turd sandwich.
by jiggawhut?! October 12, 2005
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