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2 definitions by jhollain

Opportunistic buying of something at a very ridiculous price, almost bordering on being exploitative

origin: JP Morgan's purchase of Bear Stern at $2/share
1. Bloody, I lost my purse and all my cash and credit cards along with it. The shop keeper morganed my expensive watch.

2. The company I was working for was Bear Sterned. I lost my job and had to morgan my house
by jhollain March 21, 2008
1. A person who is very soft towards the opposite sex.
2. A person who tries hard to impress the opposite sex
3. A person who easily agrees to the things said by the opposite sex
1.Don't be such a geela that you have time do some silly errand for that girl, but no time to talk to us.
2. She is such a geela that she goes after any guy who talks nice to her.
by jhollain March 24, 2008