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3 definitions by jhh

In addition to the previously mentioned oral sex, a "kedern" can also refer to oral-anal sex, better known as a rimjob. Also referred to as "salad tossing".
My new cellmate Bubba forced me to give him a kedern, or he said he would give me a hot beef injection.
by jhh October 29, 2004
15 4
An immensely gosu person. Utterly destroys beings with the name of HellsEmbrace.
Whoa, DeadManKilla just pawned HellsEmbrace's head for 100 gold!
by JHH December 31, 2003
1 2
Synonym for salad tossing.
Wow, that guy gives a great gwend.
by jhh November 04, 2004
1 3