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When a group of nerds jack off to their library books.
Einstein got horny but no vijajay for him, so he willl Jimmy Off to his library books.
by jgsteroid50 December 31, 2010
When somebody rubs the male shaft insainely, or handjob.
Hey man, I got another Shaft Rub last night.
by jgsteroid50 January 16, 2011
When a group of men gather in the bathroom to masturbate while there is a turd in the comode and while sponsor's mom is in the shower.
Man, the other day we had the best joke off ever at my brothers' friend's house. What set the tone for it was when his hot mom went into the shower. Meanwhile, my brother had just tooken a crap and didnt flush. I was to easily the first one to climax in our joke off, as I had seen a smoking hot silhouette coming off the shower curtains.
by jgsteroid50 January 14, 2011
When you climax on each other during a Jake Off
My hair is very sticky from the Jeb Off last night.
by jgsteroid50 January 17, 2011
Blue facepaint that stretches across the face, the nose being the midpoint
That does not look like facepaint dude, that's blue dragon jizz.
by jgsteroid50 January 18, 2011
When a group of men see who gets the biggest erection
Mike bet $50 that he would win the big johnson off at Jake's frat party.
by jgsteroid50 January 14, 2011
When you masterbate while your penis is in pain like an elderly man.
I had a Jane Off last night and it hurt.
by jgsteroid50 January 14, 2011

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