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38 definitions by jgsr

The Street Ronin does what he has to do and says what he wants to say. He thinks for himself and isn't held beck by social inhibitions. He follows his own path, making a place for himself. The lone wolf, not swaying for anyone.
Ignorant, or
Street Ronin Sloujah, alwayz stand next to my creed!
by JGSR July 13, 2006
The scientific, latin name of a totally fat, ugly bitch, having an obscenely large proboscis.
Usually, over agressive and ill-tempered.
The Elephantus Rhinoceri can smell the presence of a potential mate from hundreds of yards. Due to insufficient sexual attention, she is known to be very aggressive. At first sight of a male she is prone to charge.
by JGSR October 28, 2007
The remaining dust inside an empty container that previoulsy held contraband.

Not shit, but still enough to get you Hemmed Up by the pigs!
'I got pulled over last night, and busted over a baggy with residew in it!'

'When my house got raided, they found 28 baggies and charged me with 28 counts of posession for the residew!'

'Excuse me officer? Oh, of course not, that bag is from lunch.'
by JGSR December 03, 2006
If there is a whole bunch of people in a vehicle, usually more than there is supposed to be, it's "Stacked Deep".
Anytime there is an excessive amount of people crammed into a small area, it can be described as "Stacked Deep"

"Them fools was "Stacked Deep" in that chevy."
"Yo, Nigga, that party was "Stacked Deep!"
"We was "Stacked Deep" in that mufuku!"
by JGSR March 20, 2006
To profit from something, or trun goods into quick cash
To sell an item for profit, usally small and stolen.
(Car Stereos & other Electronics, CDs & DVDs, Jewelry, Etc.) Often done by a Bum, Crackhead, or Hood Nigga
Or, to profit off of a job or task.

Aslo, to Pocket (Your, His/Her, Their) Worth, to kill someone for profit.
"I had to save up to buy the watch that guy stole, but he don't give a fuck, he's just gonna pocket the worth!"

"I don't need this shit anymore, so I'm gonna take it to the pawn shop and pocket the worth."

"I worked my ass of this week, but I'm gonna pocket the worth, it's cool."

"I heard there's a $20,000 hit on his head, let's take him out, and pocket his worth!"
by JGSR September 19, 2007
Pur-Rung-Giss with the emphasis on the second syllable.

Purungus is used to describe a large dog that is overly playful or rambunctious. This therm usually refers to a Pit Bull with a large head. Can be used as Purungus Head or Purungus Chest. Also, Purungafied.
Easily excited, Off-The-Walls, Nuts, Bull-In-A-China-Shop, Hyperactive, Zany
"My dog is such a Purungus! He jumps all over me when I come in the door. He tears up the house everytime I walk out the door. He stand taller than me on his hind legs and eats more than a hoarse. He runs thru the house and leaves huge paw prints everywhere. When ever he get riled up, he barks so loud the windows shake. That dog is totally Purungafied!"
by JGSR July 21, 2006
The standing ideals behind the G-Code.

The standard philosophy and mentality that all gangsters live by.

That which is purely gangster and/or represents the gangster lifestyle.
You believe in Pacifism, I believe in Gangsterism
by JGSR December 04, 2007