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When you try to stuff a set of nuts in a woman's asshole. In turn is as impossible as washing "two dogs in a bath tub".
"This bitch's ass was so loose that I had to give her the two dogs in a bath tub treatment."
by jgf July 19, 2006
It is the act of kicking the shit out of 10 vietmanese bar patrons while doing a gay split after a couple of drinks.
"Mikey?" "What did I just do?" "Dude, you totally two can Van Dammed those sumbitches!"
by jgf September 30, 2006
The act of fucking a bitch in either hole twice then strategically smashing her in the chest with a brick.
"Hey, baby." Gina complains. "You fuck like an old man. Give me 10 inches and make it hurt this time!" This my friend is giving 10 inches and making it hurt.
by jgf September 30, 2006
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