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3 definitions by jgb11

A colloquial nickname for Bombay Sapphire.
John: What do you want me to bring for the party?
Tom: Oh, you know some vodka's always good but BomSaph is the way to go if you can get it.
by jgb11 August 13, 2009
A SharkHawk is a modern haircut that combines two other more popular men's do's. The hair is spiked in the front but there is a "tail" coming out of the spike in the form of the front half of a fauxhawk.
"I can't decide if guys with SharkHawks look like douches, or sexy as hell."
by jgb11 August 25, 2009
That perfect mix of cola that McDonald's franchises have flowing from their soda dispensers. Many consider it to be better than even bottled Coca-Cola.
"What do you want to drink, Joe?"
"Well we're at Mickey D's aren't we? I'll have a McCoke of course."
by jgb11 August 25, 2009