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Something that is mediocre, but there's nothing you can do about it; when a person isn't happy with something but will be polite and accept it. The word originates from the idea that a four inch penis really isn't okay, but a normal partner's response in the moment would be a polite, "oh, it's four inches? That's fine." It's the only appropriate reaction when you've already hit the point of no return in a situation and there's no un-awkward way to back out of it.
"This date I'm on is four inches, it's fine." "The hookup situation I'm in is four inches, it's fine."
by JGal May 24, 2015
Hours NI

The greatest Austin Billiard team of all time. They allow their game to be a part of their individual personalities by customizing their own techniques. Pool is not only a science, but an art form. Don't let anyone else paint on your canvas. Hours NI will conquer.

Kewl Killer Kiran
Champion Cool Clay
Powerful Prodigy Patrick
Psyched Up Pro Phil
Slap Around Shooter Scott
Justified Jewel Jennefer
Magnificent Maestro Mike
Hours NI -- NI After hours...when the the hard work ends and the hard play begins.
by jgal March 25, 2004

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