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This is often used as a pronoun for people in the same "game" or institution as the speaker, going through the same shit as the speaker, and at the same time, are demeaned using this word because they tend to -just like the speaker- look out for their own interests.
"These motherfuckers need to realize that if they do dat shit again, there's gon' be consequences.
by jfz September 12, 2008
A means of contacting or getting ahold of someone
"Wut up, you gotta line on Omar?"
by jfz October 19, 2006
A loud, filthy, polluted city on the east coast. Would be little more than a blip on the map without the massive military presence. If you're military and forced to live here, you have the pleasure of being stereotyped, pigeonholed and solicited by the local populace every time you walk out the door. The economy in Norfolk is derived mainly from corrupt contractors bilking various naval shipyard projects and base support services. Secondarily is the service sector for all the military there. (We have a massive shopping district called "Military Circle" complete with a "Military Mall"). A heavily used template seems to be "Freedom/Stars& Stripes <Industry/Service>". One of the few redeeming factors is ODU, which out of the filth and noise has formed a rather small but pleasant thriving college community.
"My orders selection is 3 destroyers, and they're all out of Norfolk? Fuck that."
by jfz February 15, 2008

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