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Someone deliberately isolating themselves from any culture, ideas, or people that exist outside their immediate purview. This often leads to dangerously indifferent and ignorant people ill-equipped to make knowledgeable decisions about the world.
Non-Bubble Person: "Did you hear what happened in Europe?"

Bubble Person: "No, I don't care that. I don't even like leaving my town so why would I care about another country?"

Non-Bubble Person: "Country?!?! Yeah, you should stay home. You will just piss off all the people from the country of Europe with your ignorance."
by jfkst6 October 31, 2012
Weak Gene Syndrome. Self-inflicted physical and/or mental conditions that provide the afflicted with excuses for being burdens on society. Common symptoms include being stressed out, drug-addiction, obesity, hypochondria, muscular atrophy from lack of activity, and general laziness.
Productive Person: "Why don't you get a job?"

WGS Person: "I can't. All the jobs are either too physical, stressful, or both. I am on disability for my back, knees, ankles, and feet and I had that mental breakdown last year."

Productive Person: "Your physical disabilities are obviously caused by being 150 lbs overweight and you got caught with alcohol and drugs on the job and then claimed they were coping methods to prevent a mental breakdown."

WGS Person: "You all don't know what it was like. Work was so stressful. That is why I am physically and mentally disabled."

Productive Person: "Yes, I forgot, you are the only person who has stress at work. Don't worry though, everyone else will work to take care of you."
by jfkst6 November 01, 2012

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