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Lake Forest is a wealthy suburb of Chicago situated about 30 miles to the north, directly on the lake. A largely old-money suburb, its residents are widely rumored to be conservative, narrow-minded, racist, homophobic, and antisemitic. While there are examples of such attitudes, especially among the older generations, most residents are comparatively down to earth and accepting of cultural, political, and religious differences. Prejudice against new-money suburbs such as Wilmette, Highland Park, and Winnetka, and against the middle and working class is much more prevalent than any animosity towards minorities. There is a level of snobbishness and materialism, but it is rarely accompanied by hatred or bigotry. Some have suggested that while academically outstanding, Lake Forest High School does little to prevent the perpetuation of the elitist and indifferent attitudes of young Lake Foresters, and indeed, allows the few remaining negative aspects of Lake Forest society to flourish. Because of this, many residents of middle and working class communities such as Evanston and Morton Grove as well as new-money wealthy and upper-middle class communities such as parts of Skokie and Lincolnwood are developing more hatred and resentment for Lake Foresters than is really deserved.
Mom: So, where do you want to have your Bar Mitzvah party, dear?

Boy: How about the Lake Forest Country Club, mom?

Mom: Oh, sweetie, I'm not sure they'd let us in.

Boy: Why not?

Mom: I'll have to explain that to you when you're a little older, honey.
by jfforever February 27, 2008
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