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4 definitions by jewman98

The act of wringing out a sweaty thong from a trashy female into a plastic cup then freezing said asswater until solid, then crushing the ice into a slushie-esque drink, then forcing the woman to drink the contents of the cup so fast she get's brainfreeze.
Joe: "What did you do with Sandy last night?"
Tim: "We went to a club, then we used her thong for a Jungle Sip."
Joe: "Interesting."
by jewman98 September 05, 2013
25 3
The deity's prayed to by the Gods of LaFamilia, consisting of the hottest juniors in all of the school, Cressida, Deirdre, Sofia and Caroline. Without them there would be no LaFamilia
Adam: Dude I just walked by 3 of 4!
Justin: Sweet man! No one's noicer the L4
by jewman98 September 24, 2013
8 1
The exclusive mafia of the Gods, bound to legion by L4.
Cho-Mane, LaF Mane, Gucc Mane, motherfuckin' LaFamilia!
by jewman98 September 24, 2013
7 1
An unattractive female, or another word for ugly. Groicen travel in packs and occasionally trick a noice into joining their pack. If a groice is a bitch then she deserves to know that she is in fact a groice.
Annabel: Hi guys!
Zach: Groice!!!!
run's away
Zach: I'm sure glad that groice didn't hang around for too long
Dan: "Thank god."
by jewman98 September 24, 2013
5 2